Miniature Museum

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Minature Museum

63 small, clear plastic boxes, each 3cm x 7cm, containing embroidered objects. These objects represent miniature museum exhibits of animal, mineral or vegetable origin and are worked in a wide range of embroidery techniques.

Each December, Certificate Course students and other interested Guild members are asked to participate in a Christmas Exercise. December 1991, each person was given a small “museum case” to fill with an appropriate exhibit to suit the theme, using any embroidery technique of their choice. Many styles of embroidery and textile manipulation were used and along with the titles, reflect the humour, versatility and inventiveness of all who joined in. Our 1991 Certificate Course Convener was Meg Douglas.

The participating embroiderers and their exhibit titles are listed below. How many can you identify?

South Australia, 20th Century (late) /1991
1997.045 donated

1.    Christine Smith
2.    Mignon Ide
3.    Ruth Crane
4.    Ruth Crane
5.    Christine Bishop
6.    Anne Adlard
7.    Joan Mewett
8.    Jane Gibson
9.    Poppy Davenport
10.  Olga Welch
11.  Jill Bastiaan
12.  Elsie Moss
13.  Jennifer Beale
14.  Jane Wilson
15.  Ann Gorroick
16.  Jeanie Strother
17.  Kathy Jackway
18.  Sheana Davies
19.  Kate Yates
20.  Jennifer Alde
21.  Carol Mullan
22.  Valda Webster
23.  Olga Welch
24.  Audrey Schumann
25.  Jane Wilson
26.  Meg Douglas
27.  Judy Crombie
28.  Pam Copping
29.  Suzanne Gummow
30.  Barbara Rastrick
31.  Valmai Crosby
32.  Ruth Crane
33.  Jocelyn Fuller
34.  Johan Ahola
35.  Jock Levinson
36.  Gill Rusinski
37.  Rita Evans
38.  Jill Wadsworth
39.  Johan Ahola
40.  Olga Welch
41.  Noel Shepherdson
42.  Joan Briand
43.  Suzanne Gummow
44.  Christine Bishop
45.  Sandra Stewart
46.  Christine Bishop
47.  Johan Ahola
48.  Rhonda Inwood
49.  Glenda Lawrie
50.  Janette Pfeiffer
51.  Peg Saddler
52.  Jenny Avey
53.  Lois Hasenohr
54.  Lois Hasenohr
55.  Lois Hasenohr
56.  Jean Lange
57.  Marie Carstensen
58.  Marie Carstensen
59.  Candace Walker
60.  Anne Fisher
61.  Anne Elson
62. Cheryl Hawkins Clarke
63. Anne Fisher

Native Bark Canoe
Settler’s Cottage
Shells/ Seascape
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Fragment of a Garment, Pompeii 400AD
Petrified Log, Arizona
Teddy & Patchwork Blanket
Seminole Patchwork, Indian, USA
Opalised Shells
Tutan’s Brother’s Tomb
Coral 1000BC
Roman Mosaic
Bone Fragments, Fossil Site
Bayeaux Tapestry Fragment
Colombian Nose Ornament
Antique Opal Brooch
Ancient Chinese Box
Moche Indian Figure 1000AD
Midnight Opal
Preserved Leaf
Persian Carpet Fragment
Old Tibetan Book
Flotsam & Jetsam seascape
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Ancient Seeds – Unidentified
Unidentified Fungus
Australian Riches
Aboriginal Shield
Granite Cross, Cornish 11th century
Bronze Ring, Bronze Age
Dinosaur’s Bone
Aboriginal Shield
Fragment of Ayrshire Embroidery
Skeleton of a Jockasaurus
Moonflower Orchid
Model of a Stegosaurus
Mummy Cloth, Amenophis III, 1500BC
Miniature Ayrshire Panel
Scrap from Caesar’s Sunday Toga
Sarcophagus Psuennes I
Persian Carpet
Ear Jewellery, Egypt 600BC
Leaf Skeleton
Extinct Tiger’s Tooth
Ming Vase
Mayfly Dun
Petrified Frilled Lizard
Scarab Beetle
The Guardian Treasure
Ancient Ceremonial Barge
Seleractinia Brain Coral
Desmidiaceae Unicellular Algae
17th Century Embroidery
Hidden Treasure
A Wagga
Sacred Text from Suleiman the Magnificent
Starfish Fossil, Texas, USA
A Wigwam for a Goose’s Bridle
Queen Henrietta Maria 1660-1