The museum was established to make available a study collection of embroidery. The collection started in 1965 with a “parcel of lace and a beaded pincushion and holder.” It now holds more than 2,200 items.

In 2005 the Museum was granted full accreditation with the History Trust of South Australia in recognition of the standard of excellence with which it is managed. In 2010 the Museum was re-accredited having shown that it complied with national museum standards.

Items in the Collection
Most of the items have been donated, but some have been purchased when items that would add significantly to the collection have become available. Items are only accepted if they are not already represented in the collection or if they are better examples.
The main criteria for acceptance into the collection are that an item is embroidered and made by hand.
For the purpose of this collection, the term “embroidery” refers also to decorative stitchery such as beading and patchwork and to all needle-made and embroidered laces.  “Made by hand” refers also to items freely embroidered using a sewing machine rather than those automatically produced.

Use of the Collection
Items from the collection are made available for study to Guild members and interested members of the public by arrangement.

Museum Open Day
Tuesday 10am – 2pm

Museum Curators

1985 – 2008
2009 –
Maureen Holbrook
Dianne Fisher