To access the members only section, please contact Chris in the office (8234 1104) for the password.

Guild Membership

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in any aspect of embroidery. You needn’t be experienced, as beginners and advanced needleworkers can all benefit from classes, groups and interacting with other, like-minded people.

Members receive our monthly newsletter, The Review, either by email or by post. The Review includes a diary of meetings and classes, as well as news from the City and Country Branches and articles of general interest to all embroiderers.

Members may attend as many open Guild meetings and groups as they wish, with a small attendance fee payable for each session.

Annual membership subscriptions fall due on 1st June each year.

Membership Benefits

• Reduced class fees
• Access to extensive library
• Access to Guild events
• Access to our accredited museum for study
• Participation in member exhibitions
• Access to all our stitching and special interest groups
• Options for day and evening activities

Membership Fees for 2017/2018

Membership for one year is from 1st June to 31st May and is open to anyone who are interested in embroidery.

Subscription Types
City Member
Country Member
Student/Unemployed (18 – 25 years)
JEMS 8 – 18 years (includes membership, attendance, materials)
Multiple memberships in the CITY at the same address
2 Adults
1 Adult + 1 JEM
1 Adult + 2 JEMS
Multiple memberships in the COUNTRY at the same address
2 Adults

Pro-rata subscriptions are available to new members only who join the Guild between July and May. For further details please contact the Guild’s office on 8234 1104.

Membership Form – CLICK HERE
For ONLINE Membership renewal – CLICK HERE

New Members’ Group
New members’ meetings are held several times a year to introduce you to all of the Guild facilities. Phyllis Coxhill is the new members’ liaison and will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you might have. However, you are very welcome to join in any group before the new members’ meeting, which will help you to get settled into the Guild routines.

For further information please contact the Guild on 8234 1104.