Riverland Branch

Riverland branch

Riverland Branch


The Riverland is known for its picturesque scenery, beautiful riverfronts, delicious fruits, chocolates, almonds and wines.  Whether its cruzing lazily down the river in a houseboat, enjoying some high speed fun with mates on a water skiing, or just sitting back enjoying the bush, the Riverland is the place to visit.


This branch started in 1985-1986, and recently celelbrated its 35th Birthday.

It is a thriving group, with Jess Sheppard & Glenys Leske, two of the founding members, whom are still active to this day.

Some of the highlights of the work this group have worked on include a 3 piece panel which hangs pride of place in the Hospital Foyer.


To be advised, please contact members below regarding location.
Berri, SA.


1st Saturday of the Month at 1pm
and 3rd Thursday of the Month at 7pm

Contact Us

Mrs Rosealie Chapple
Ph: 8583 2057
Mrs Sandra Smith
Ph: 0429 835 430
Email: aquila43@bigpond.com