Certificate Courses

Embroidery Certificate Course

Certificate 1 in Embroidery

The aims of the courses are to develop students’ skills in the design and techniques of embroidery, to increase awareness of the breadth of this textile art, its traditions and history including contemporary usage, and to encourage students to produce embroidery works of good design and quality.

Duration of Courses
The courses are offered as full or part time study, taking from two to five years to complete. There are no formal classes, but study is directed. Regular workshops are held to explore stitches and styles and regular counselling is offered to all students at Guild headquarters. Information re workshops and individual counselling is available to Country members by correspondence.

Area of Study
While no student could hope to study the whole of the subject, a personal selection of a formulated progress through the chosen course offers a broad spectrum of study with options, or a partially or wholly specialised course where the selected areas are followed through to the level required. To aid in this selection, Embroidery has been classified into eight areas of study.

  • Canvas Stitches
  • Counted Stitches
  • Lace Stitches
  • Surface stitches
  • Fabric Layered
  • Fabric Manipulated
  • Fabric Perforated
  • Fabric Pieces

The Courses
Two of these areas are studied at any one time. Skills required have been graded into four levels. Four submissions for assessment comprise the course. Each of these consists of three projects with preliminary work and required samplers for each area studied, together with some aspects of core studies. Core studies for embroidery include Tradition; History; Experiment; Function and Construction as well as some experience in Design; Colour; Stitch; Yarn and Fabric.

Courses Offered
Certificate 1 in Embroidery

  • Specialisation: Two areas of study taken to the fourth level ie 2 Major Studies.
  • Semi-specialisation: One area of study taken to the fourth level plus two taken to the second level ie 1 Major Study and 2 Minor Studies.
  • It is not required of a student to choose a particular course until after the first submission for assessment.

Tutor’s Option

  • One level of study taken to the fourth level, one area of study taken to the second level and two areas of tutor study (begun at the third level), 1 Major Study, 1 Minor Study, 1 Tutor’s Option.
Certificate Workshop

Assessment is by a panel of experienced embroiderers, and takes place four times each year. Written comments are given on all the work and at the second and subsequent submissions of work, students may consult the assessors about their work. An outside assessor attends the final assessment.

Entry to the Courses
Pre-requisite work is required to show that the student has a working knowledge of the basic skills of embroidery and is capable of undertaking a course. Applications for admission are handled by the Course Convenor and a Pre-requisite Form is necessary. This outlines the requirements.

Only members of The Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Inc. are eligible to participate. Students provide their own materials. The Guild’s Library and Museum Collection of Historical Embroideries are available for research. Students of the courses may avail themselves of any of the Guild classes or guidance days as well as seeking help from experienced members.

Any Guild member is welcome to attend any of the Certificate Courses’ Workshops on the 4th Saturday of the month without committing themselves to doing the Course.

A quarterly newsletter is sent to course participants (after each assessment) to advise of any developments within the Certificate Course and pass on news about students’ progress.

Advanced Certificate in Research and Embroidery
This course can be taken as an extension to Certificate 1 in Embroidery, the Tutors Option or as a totally separate course for experienced embroiderers. The study required is equivalent to producing a book on a particular subject.

  • The aim of this course is to benefit The Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia Inc by extending and documenting embroidery knowledge.
  • To benefit the participant through an in-depth study of an embroidery related topic.
  • This is 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time study.
  • There are both written and embroidery pre-requisite requirements for entry to this course. Prospective students must prove they can undertake advanced study and their own embroidery is of an appropriate standard (equivalent to Level 4 – Certificate 1 in Embroidery).