About Us

About Us

The Embroiderers’ Guild of SA Inc. promotes the practice, study and appreciation of embroidery in all its forms and encourages excellence by practice and example. It is open to everyone, young and old, beginner and experienced, to share a love of needlework in all of its forms.

In 1963 a group of enthusiastic embroiderers in South Australia formed a Branch of the newly-formed Embroiderers’ Guild of New South Wales. Two years later, in 1965, they felt sufficiently confident to form the Embroiderers’ Guild of South Australia and affiliated with the Embroiderers’ Guild in London. The South Australian Guild then became one of the increasing number of Guilds found throughout the world since the forming of the first Guild in 1906.

Members of our Guild have worked the following publicly displayed pieces:

• The Royal Coat of Arms, hanging in the courts of the Sir Samuel Way Building in Victoria Square, was gifted to the people of South Australia.

• The South Australian section of the Parliament House Embroidery which hangs in the gallery of the Great Hall of Parliament House in Canberra. The entire piece, which has sections worked by all the state and territory Embroiderers’ Guilds, measures 16 metres in length.

• A banner commemorating “Australia Remembers” was completed for the Navy, Military & Air Force Club.

• A banner representative of some of the ways the English have influenced Australian culture was completed for the Migration Museum.